Manitoba Branch

Welcome to the Manitoba Branch of CSCM!

The Branch consists of approximately 15 club managers who have joined the CSCM and reside in the province of Manitoba.  The Branch provides a strong local network of those working in the club management profession for sharing information and resources, and plenty of learning opportunities through Branch meetings and education sessions.

Those wishing to join the Branch must be members of the national CSCM.  For further details on membership and how to join, please go to the Membership Section.



To view the CSCM National Calendar of Events, click here 

2021 Schedule

Monday, May 31 – 6pm

Niakwa Country Club hosted by Wade Nybakken

Branch Meeting and Dinner

Monday, June 28 – 6pm

Glendale hosted by James Chapman

Branch Meeting & Dinner

Monday, July 26 – 6pm

Southwood Golf & Country Club hosted by Jeff Scott, CCM, CCE

Branch Meeting & Dinner

Wednesday, August 18 – 6pm

Manitoba Club hosted by Graham Davis, CCM and Domer Rafael

Spousal BBQ

Tuesday, September 21 – 6pm

Pine Ridge Golf Club hosted by Sarah Pyke

Branch Meeting & Dinner

Wednesday, November 10 – 6pm

St. Charles Country Club hosted by Robert Shedden

President Manager’s Dinner

Thursday, December 9 – 6pm

TBD hosted by the Branch

Branch Meeting & Dinner

Friday, January 28 – 6pm

Breezy Bend Country Club hosted by Cory Johnson

Annual General Meeting