The Atlantic Branch of the Canadian Society of Club Managers, although one of the smallest in numbers, boasts an eclectic representation of clubs as golf, country, yacht, city and athletic/family clubs all have a presence within the membership of the Atlantic Branch.

The members meet about 8 times every year and are a very close group of professionals always willing to support and advise one another whenever called upon. Networking opportunities are excellent which is one of the great advantages of being a smaller branch.

As all branches within the CSCM we are always encouraging other club managers to join the CSCM and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are available to all members of the CSCM family. If you are interested in more information, please contact Eric Tobin, Branch President, at  Tel: 902.220.2869 or by e-mail to

 You will be more than welcome to attend a few events before making your final decision on membership.

To view the CSCM National Calendar of Events, click here .