National Conference Planning

CSCM holds two national conferences annually hosted by a CSCM Branch. While the conferences are nationally owned events, the host Branch determines the theme and overall conference programming.  The conference is a reflection of the Branch, an opportunity to showcase the clubs within the Branch and is an opportunity to increase member engagement in CSCM.

The success of the conferences depends on an effective working relationship between the host Branch through the "Host Committee", the Steering Committee, and CSCM National Office.  That relationship depends on ongoing two-way communication between the Committees and National Office, and a clear understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities of the parties involved.

The following Conference Guidelines are intended to apply to both the National Conference and the National Food and Beverage Conference.  These are guidelines with the recognition that each Branch has a different level of availability of volunteer resources and some will require more support from National Office than others.

Download Conference Guidelines (PDF)

Future Conference Planning

Approximately three years in advance of the conference, work will begin to confirm the host Branch for the two conferences so that a venue can be selected and contract established.  At least three years is necessary in order to get the dates CSCM wishes and the venue that will best meet our needs.

The following chart provides a snapshot of the location of past conferences and proposed location for future conferences in an attempt to rotate them around the country.

Download Conference Location Chart (PDF)

CMI Courses

Branches may choose to host a CMI course and it must meet the requirements as set by the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA).  Although held at the Branch level, the course qualifies for 6 National Education credits.  National Office provides administrative support for CMI courses hosted by Branches, including seeking approval from the Certification and Professional Development Committees, setting up the course information and registration through the CSCM web site and AMS, collection of registration fees, approval of the required exam through the Certification Committee, online evaluation and name badges as needed.  A small administration fee of 10% of the total revenues collected is withheld from the revenue forwarded to the Branch.  The Branch is responsible for the instructor, logistical arrangements and payment of expenses.

Download CMI Course Guidelines

Branch Events

Branch events are now covered by special Event Insurance purchased by the national CSCM.  The premium is determined by the nature and volume of events so it is very important for Branches to keep the National Office informed as to plans in accordance with Branch Regulations.  Providing National Office with plans also allows the Office to post information on the Master Calendar of Events and ensure that Calendars on respective Branch web pages are kept up to date for the benefit of the members.

Credits for attendance at Branch events are tracked by Branches and reported to National Office at the end of each calendar year for entry into the members' credit histories.