Member Testimonials

"CSCM membership is an invaluable resource of information that comes through its networking and educational opportunities.  My club continues to see the benefits of benchmarking and best practices that I receive from the CSCM and its members.  Early in my CSCM membership I was able to find a network of colleagues that were more than willing to answer my questions, share their challenges and compare notes on club operations.  CSCM membership is, without a doubt, the best investment a club can make in their managers."

David Main, MBA, PGA

"CSCM is more than a group of individuals with a common interest in the club business. It is a network of individuals who share a passion for service, development and camaraderie. I can safely say, without the support of the CSCM network my career would not be as fulfilling as it is today."

Adam Zubek, CCM

“As more and more Canadian clubs come to understand, appreciate and respect the CCM designation, managers who have made the effort to stay current with their education and training through the certification program will be sought out for key Club positions.  This has already been evidenced in recent GM/COO postings. That was certainly one of the main criteria Muskoka Lakes required when completing their search for a General Manager in 2007.”

- Trevor Noonan, CCM, CCE

"I always say that the CSCM is like a club for Club Managers – it is our community of support, connections and friendships developed through years of membership that are as valuable as the resources and education provided."

- Jana-Lyn Fairbairn, CCM

“The CCM journey is a challenging, exciting and rewarding one. Once I made the decision to pursue designation, everything started to fall into place. The process is not easy, you have to commit time and educational funding, but then again, every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.”

- Neil Rooney, CCM, CCE

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