The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence, so that the need to be gainfully employed is optional rather than a necessity.

For many of us the simple definition of retirement planning equates to accumulating sufficient financial resources to support a desired lifestyle. Fortunately technology provides us with the tools to make basic calculations to determine our individual objectives. To address this subject we have provided links to many of the Major Canadian Banks as well as other sites that provide free access to these “Retirement Calculators”. Keep in mind, these are generic formulas. These calculators are simply a starting point for you to gain a rudimentary understanding of your retirement needs. You may use these templates by inserting appropriate information that will project your financial plan. To ensure you have an accurate plan that is tailored to your specific goals it is always recommended to seek professional advice. As stated previously the Retirement Services Committee does not endorse any firm or individual to assist in this process.

Retirement calculators are featured on the following websites:

How much money do I need to retire?

To access information on how much money you may require to retire, please click here.

The Dangers of Dipping into your RRSP

To access information about the dangers of dipping into your RRSP, please click here.

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