The Alumni Services Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining an inventory of relevant and topical information pertaining to retirement planning. It should be noted that this information is for educational purposes ONLY and CSCM members should decide on their own retirement planning decisions based on individual circumstances and wishes.

This information has been established to address the following, but not limited to the following topics: 

  • Financial Planning
  • Where to Retire
  • Travel
  • Volunteer opportunities with charitable organizations
  • Income Tax and Estate planning
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Fitness/Nutrition

The Alumni Services Committee welcomes input by all the members of the CSCM. This is an ongoing project that we anticipate will develop as we add more links and articles to our inventory for you to review and consider.

The definition of retirement in today’s society is changing constantly. The traditional image for retirement is not necessarily supported by everyone due to economics, family needs, health and personal objectives. It is our intention to provide an opportunity to highlight these alternatives for you to review and consider for your future. With that thought in mind we trust that our members will wish to submit relevant information they discover so we may add this to our library. This process will engage our membership and ensure that we maintain a current inventory of reference material.