CSCM members have access to savings on CSCM endorsed programs. The savings that members enjoy from these programs can more than cover their annual membership dues.

Product and service endorsement serves both the members and the association well.  For the members, CSCM endorsement identifies a "quality" product, available to members across Canada at a competitive price, with the quality of the product or service being determined from a combination of product features, "provider" reliability and service, and price.  In many cases, however, the dollar-value of negotiated discounts depends on the size of our organization. Thus we may not always negotiate better travel or hotel discounts than some larger associations. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive added value from these programs. 

For the association, product and service endorsements provide potential members with additional reasons to join and help us retain our members. Neither the members nor the association is particularly well served, however, if the products and services do not meet the quality and price expectations of our members.

That being said, no single product, be it insurance or hotel rooms, can offer the features and/or prices that would best meet the needs of every one of our 500+ members.  Individual members are, therefore, encouraged to shop around, while remaining confident that CSCM's endorsement represents our belief in the overall value of that product or service.

Current Affinity Programs available to CSCM members:

  • Airport Parking
  • Deluxe Canada
  • HRdownloads
  • Perkopolis
  • Pragmatic Conferencing
  • Respect Programs
  • UPS

Members may log in to see the details and sign up for these programs using the menu on the right.