Saturday, November 5

9:00 am - 4:00 pm CMI Course 6 EC; CC = Leadership & Wellness

TRANSFORMATION in the workplace - Transforming Mindset, Emotion and Energy
Presented by: Joe Roberts

How are you & your teams responding to stress, fear & uncertainty when facing significant change or challenge, especially during the last few years?

Stress and anxiety affects the performance & morale of teams and businesses. When confronted with significant changes, uncertainties about future, and the stress of difficulty or challenge, it is natural and predictable to experience a roller coaster of emotions from fear and anxiety to shock and resistance. Our natural response to ups and downs unbalances our energy and hinders effective communication in the workplace.

Optimal health & performance are not just about hard work and accountability, they are also about being human and managing the normal limits of output. Forward thinking individuals, businesses & organizations respond proactively to health concerns like burnout and fatigue, hot topics today, as we are looking to support people at a human level, while striving for higher performance.

This course is recognized as one of the CMI courses required under the Certification Program, based on the successful completion of the test at the end of the course.

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  • Non-Member Rate: $850

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