There are numerous post-secondary institutions in Canada that offer some form of program that may lead to employment in the Club Industry. These programs vary from Professional Golf Management, Golf Operation Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management to Hotel and Restaurant Management. The programs range from comprehensive College-based Golf Course Club Management Certificate programs, to University-based Degrees offering strong foundations in General Club Management.


Camosun College
Durham College
Fanshawe College 
Georgian College
McMaster University
Holland College
Humber College
Lethbridge Community College 
Mount Royal College
Niagara College
Ryerson University
SAIT Polytechnic
Selkirk College
University of Guelph 

If you are a college or university that offers a club management, hospitality or related program and would like to list your institution on this page, please contact us at our National Office.

If you are a student or faculty at one of these institutions, or interested in becoming one, you might qualify for membership in the Canadian Society of Club Managers. Read more about becoming a Student or Faculty member of the CSCM in our Membership Section.

Camosun College

Camosun College is a dynamic and innovative community college serving the educational and training needs of the people of Victoria, southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and beyond.

Camosun has two main campuses. The Lansdowne campus and the Interurban campus serve over 7,800 credit students, 10,000 non-credit students and 560 international students each year.

Camosun College offers the following club management studies:

  • Golf Management Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Golf Operations
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management

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Durham College

PROGRAM: Golf  Facility Operations Management
DEGREE / DIPLOMA: Ontario College Diploma

Tee off your career and spend your working days around the sport you love

Ranked as the number one recreational activity in the country, the golf industry continues to grow. Get practical exposure to all operational aspects of the industry while gaining in-demand business and management skills offering you increased career versatility within the golf industry as well as in areas such as ski, tennis, and recreation.

Program Description
This exciting program will provide you with hands-on practical experience in all operational aspects of the golf industry including the pro shop; back shop; marketing and sales; event planning; tournament organization; and food and beverage.
You will also focus on:
•Back shop and turf management
•Communications for business
•Golf history and organization in Canada
•Golf management, policies and procedures
•Hospitality, retail and financial management
•Management and leadership skills

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Fanshawe College

Golf & Club Management (2 Yr Diploma Program)

“This tailor-made program allows applicants the opportunity to explore the numerous career opportunities available in the ever growing golf and recreational club industry. Inspired by the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM), this program fosters the core educational competencies required to excel in a career in club management.”

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Georgian College

Georgian College is well known in Canada and abroad for many quality programs, an exceptionally high graduate employment rate (94% and the highest in Ontario), and student and employer satisfaction rates.



Golf Management prepares graduates with a sound basis in the theory and skills necessary to be effective in the workplace and to remain current in their field as they accept rising levels of responsibility and accountability. 

Specifically, graduates may find employment as General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Directors of Golf/Club Operations, Head Golf Professionals, Associate Golf Professionals,  Pro Shop Managers, Events Managers, Golf store retail managers, Golf equipment manufacturers sales representatives, Golf finance /  human resources /  marketing specialists.


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McMaster University 

Diploma in The Business of Golf & Resort Management

Turn your passion for golf into a fulfilling career and gain re-certification credits!  Gain entry into the field of golf and resort management with McMaster's Business of Golf and Resort Management program. Enhance your knowledge and skills required for employment in this exciting and growing industry. 

About the Program

Our online courses are designed for individuals who wish to develop or upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities. Earn a university-level diploma by completing ten (10) golf and resort management courses entirely online.

Our model provides a rich and flexible environment to learn. Courses engage all participants by using leading-edge content and collaborative functionality.

Earn a Diploma in The Business of Golf & Resort Management from McMaster University and a Certificate of Recognition from the Golf Management Institute of Canada.

Laurier MBA’s Golf and Resort Management Specialization

Laurier is proud to have partnered with the Golf Management Institute of Canada to offer Canada’s first MBA with a Golf and Resort Management Specialization. Laurier’s MBA candidates enrolled in the Full-time, or Full-time with Co-op MBA, will have the option to complete the Golf and Resort Management Specialization within the elective portion of their degree as of Fall 2014. This unique specialization consists of completing the following five required elective courses. Download Laurier GMIC MBA Article 2016 (PDF)

Golf and Resort Management Specialization electives:

Management Controls
Services Marketing Management
Human Resources Management
Contemporary Issues in Management
BU690 Research Study Related to the Golf and Resort Industry

For more information about the Laurier MBA Program, and the Golf & Resort Management Specialization please visit or contact Holly Paterson at

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Holland College

PROGRAM:  Golf Club Management
DEGREE / DIPLOMA:  Golf Club Management Diploma

The Golf Club Management Program provides an unmatched learning environment for individuals driven to succeed in the ever-expanding golf industry.

Globally, golf is one of the fastest growing recreational and leisure activities. Golf in North America provides a variety of different career options and the Golf Club Management program is designed to address the needs of this industry with trained personnel.

Students will have the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of golf club operations including customer service, pro shop operations, food and beverage operations, golf course management, and turf management.

A two-year program, Golf Club Management combines education in the classroom with practical activities taught in the field. The program provides students with interpersonal, hospitality, technical, and organizational skills to accept employment in golf operations. The skills that students acquire, combined with strong theory-based instruction, will provide a strong foundation for advancement to management positions.

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Humber College

PROGRAM:  Hotel and Restaurant Management

This program prepares students for supervisory and managerial positions in all sectors of this growing and diverse, restaurants and more. The school is a connection between the student, the college and future employers, working together to achieve the mutual goal of being the leader in hospitality training.

The program combines practical, theoretical and experiential learning through the classroom, labs and the opportunity to train in the Albert Schnell/Hilton Learning and Catering Centre. In today's workplace, employers are looking for individuals who possess the ability to anticipate and exceed their customer's needs and deliver quality service as well as technical skills. The Hotel and Restaurant Management program provides the balance required to achieve this.

This program includes 'industry traineeships' in restaurants and hotels. Our partner list for industry traineeships includes some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Toronto, across Canada and around the world. You will have the opportunity to learn different aspects of the business and work alongside some of the leading chefs, hotel managers and restaurant owners in the industry. Your first traineeship will be in a hotel, in food and beverage or rooms division, the second or 'graduate traineeship' will involve a project which will include the direction of the management of the traineeship property.

You will be provided with opportunities to develop strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills, which have been identified by the hospitality industry as essential to career success.

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Lethbridge Community College

PROGRAM:  Professional Golf Management
PROGRAM LENGTH:  2-3 years
DEGREE / DIPLOMA:  Business Administration Diploma

Work hard, play hard – Golf professionals are in high demand, with the sport as one of the fastest growing recreational activities in North America. Our Professional Golf Management program will give you the skills you need to turn your passion for golf into a rewarding career.

We offer a two-year diploma in Business Administration (Professional Golf Management), as well as a one-year, post-diploma certificate in Professional Golf Management. Fully accredited and endorsed by the Canadian Professional Golf Association (CPGA), our program is one of only five in Canada and is the only program of its kind that offers distance learning.

Our intensive, competitive classes give you a comprehensive grounding in business, marketing, management, retail merchandising and sales. You’ll balance this business knowledge with a focus on the game and gain valuable insight into topics ranging from swing analysis and player development to turf management and tournament operations.

All of our PGM instructors are CPGA Class A Professionals and we have over 10 years of experience preparing students for careers in professional golf management. We’ll make sure you’re ready to demonstrate your skills and abilities before sending you on a 300-hour practicum. In this real world environment, you’ll demonstrate that your golf and business skills go hand-in-hand to meet your customer’s needs.

At the end of the program, you’ll have developed a comprehensive understanding of golf as a business, as well as a game. And you’ll make golf more than just your sport, you’ll make it your career!

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Mount Royal College


PROGRAM:  Bachelor of Applied Business & Entrepreneurship- Sport and Recreation
DEGREE / DIPLOMA:  Applied Degree

The Bachelor of Applied Business & Entrepreneurship - Sport and Recreation Applied Degree program meets the increasing need for sport and recreation activities provided by the private sector through a broad and integrated offering of courses and practical experience. The business courses emphasize the development of skills and attitudes for success in an entrepreneurial business environment, while sport and recreation courses develop the specific technical and theoretical background related to the field. The balance of the program is made up of College-wide requirements including English, Arts and Science electives and two four-month work-terms.

Our curriculum emphasizes the following criteria:

  • Leadership, management and organization of recreation and sport
  • Marketing of recreation and sports programs and facilities
  • Recreation and sport in the social context
  • Financial management of recreation and sports programs
  • Ethics in recreation and sport management
  • Legal aspects of recreation and sport

Upon completion of the Applied Business and Entrepreneurship - Sport and Recreation degree students will demonstrate proficiency in four key areas: management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sport and recreation literacy. The combination of business and sport and recreation courses will create a graduate ideally suited for business in the sport and recreation industry.

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Niagara College

PROGRAM: Business Administration - Professional Golf Management
DEGREE / DIPLOMA: Diploma in Golf Operations Management

Golf is a sport enjoyed by millions of Canadians. As demand grows, so does the need for qualified golf professionals. This program combines the excitement of golf with the challenge of business. Graduates can pursue careers in the retail sector as sales representatives, store managers, working for equipment manufacturers and much more.

This program meets the minimum three-year diploma requirement for the formal business component of the PGA of Canada Candidate for Membership program, and this program also meets the minimum requirements of the Golf Management Institute of Canada to award students a Diploma in Golf Operations Management.

The Niagara College Professional Golf Management program is proud to award 6 individual scholarships annually to its full time students.

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Ryerson University

PROGRAM:  Hospitality and Tourism Management
DEGREE / DIPLOMA:  Bachelor of Commerce

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management delivers a dynamic four year program that leads to a Bachelor of Commerce degree. The program, administered through the Ryerson Faculty of Business, covers all business disciplines required to perform in a management, administrative, supervisory or entrepreneurial position. Are you interested in studying hospitality and tourism management? Ours is an applied curriculum, delivered by a faculty that includes industry specialists with professional experience. Students participate in fieldwork, case studies, workshops, seminars and group projects. The results are a practiced understanding of what you study, a clearer picture of industry, and better job prospects.

At the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, you will find a culture that encourages you to communicate with other students, faculty, the School, and industry. We lead by example, building beneficial ties with industry and graduates who - through their participation on our advisory boards, in curriculum design, as guest lecturers, and in work placements - help us deliver a quality education. If you are looking to work in the hospitality and tourism industry as a business management professional then we are your undergraduate program of choice. We deliver an education that is internationally focused so that you can succeed in an industry that is globally competitive.

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SAIT Polytechnic

PROGRAM:  Hospitality and Tourism

The School of Hospitality and Tourism  provides training to 800 Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Tourism students a year in programming, ranging from  diplomas and certificates to continuing education, apprenticeship and customized corporate training. The School Hospitality and Tourism employs approximately 50  full-time faculty and staff offering state-of-the-art training facilities.

Full Time Programs
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Hospitality Management
  • Professional Cooking
  • Travel and Tourism
Fast Track Program
  • Meat Operations and Management
Part Time Programs
  • Bar Mixology
  • Certified Chef de Cuisine
  • ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1
  • ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate :eve; 11
  • Wine Sommelier Courses & Sommelier Diploma
  • Cooking & Baking

Our "Fundamentals" series are designed with the kitchen novice in mind, while not considered prerequisite for our other courses, novice cooks as encouraged to take these courses to build their culinary knowledge and skill prior to partaking in other course offerings.

  • Knife Skills
  • Introduction to Cooking
  • Herbs and Spices
Adventure Cooking
  • China
  • Curry
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • India
  • Morocco
  • New Orleans
  • Thailand
  • Tuscany
The Art of Entertaining
  • Dinner Party
  • Harvest Soups
  • Savoury Seafood
  • Sushi
  • Wine and Food Pairing


  • Artisan Style Baking
  • Chocolate
  • Cake Decorating

Apprenticeship Programs

  • Baker Apprentice
  • Cook Apprentice

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Selkirk College


PROGRAM:  Golf Club Operations Online Certificate (GCOOL)
PROGRAM LENGTH:  10 Course Certificate

In response to requests for flexible career development courses and less costly delivery methods, Selkirk College is the first accredited post secondary institution in Canada to offer a comprehensive online certificate in golf club operations management. This program is perfectly suited to existing golf club staff who need to upgrade skills to acquire management positions, to young people wishing to break into the golf industry, or to retired people wanting to pursue a second career at one of Canada's 2,200 golf clubs.

GCOOL career development offerings can be pursued three ways to meet individual needs.

  1. A complete 10-course Golf Club Operations Online (GCOOL) Certificate
  2. Individual 45-hour courses [12 weeks to complete each course. Course fee $575.00] . NOTE: CSCM members qualify for a 10% discount on course fees so the cost per course is reduced to $$523.35.
  3. One-half day modules designed to enhance knowledge and skills in specific areas as needed. [10 modules in one subject area equals one complete course Module fee $110.00].

Current online learning is much different than distance learning of a decade ago. New technology facilitates a much richer learning environment by employing audio and video, interactive PowerPoint sessions, and online discussion forums. Selkirk College does everything possible to make the instructional approaches suit learner preferences.

Textbook Alliance with Selkirk College

Selkirk College is pleased to offer CSCM members a 10% discount on the following golf management textbooks (prices subject to change):


Marketing Golf

Throughout this text, you are urged to expand your marketing attitude, to adopt a new philosophy that will systematically involve all staff members. Every staff member must be educated about meta-marketing and trained in its delivery inorder to meet and exceed every conceivalb golfer and guest expectation.

Discount price for CSCM members - $53.95

Human Resources for Golf Management

As outlined in this  book's introduction, "Human Resource Management (HRM) is often perceived as a costly luxury for businesses, but just the opposite can be true. A well planned HRM program tailored to organization and staff needs does not require a costly investment, and rather than being a drain on fiscal resouces, a well planned and implemented HRM system can actually improve an organization's fiscal bottom line."

Discount price for CSCM members - $53.95

Golf Club Administration

The skills, techniques and practices in this textbook can be readily adapted to the private, semi-private, public and resort sectors of the golf industry. The text presents key concepts and information about administering a golf facility. Its many chapters covers club value statements, internal marketing, organizational structures, meetings, internal staff organization, and membership recruitment and retention. A fictitious club is used to illustrate situations and resoluations.

Discount price for CSCM members - $80.95

Golf Tournament and Event Planning

This 22-chapter textbook will help to organize or improve your club's golf program. Offered are some key tips for producing competitive tournaments and corpoate golf events. This text is ideal for those involved with golf programming or tournament organization at any type of golf facility.

Discount price for CSCM members - $53.95

Golf Shop Operations

As outlined in this book's introduction, "The golf shop is the control centre for a golf club or course. The numerous functions involved in directing the day-to-day operations of a golf course require the golf professional and shop staff to wear a number of hats as they perform their various duties. This text is written with practical golf shop applications in mind, presenting basic theory and own-to-earth knowledge of the major elements of golf shop operations."

Discount price for CSCM members - $53.95


To order any of the golf management books, please contact Steve Bareham, Instructor at 250--352-6601 ext. 326 or at

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University of Guelph

PROGRAM:  Hospitality and Tourism Management
DEGREE / DIPLOMA:  Bachelor of Commerce

Guelph offers Canada's pre-eminent program in hospitality management. Our faculty members, most with doctoral degrees in their fields, are at the forefront of innovation and research in the industry. At the same time, the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) has strong industry ties through its advisory board, alumni, graduate programs, advancement management training programs, and its industry-sponsored research

The School offers two specialist business majors - Tourism Management and Hotel & Food Administration, which also provides co-op study opportunities. Co-op study gives students exposure to the realities of the workplace and an opportunity to integrate academic theories with day-to-day business while being paid a salary to learn on-the-job.

International study opportunities in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe provide students with international experience. Our study abroad program places students in the heart of France's oldest tourist region on the Riviera.
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