CSCM members who have achieved their CCM designation have provided the following testimonials to encourage other members to seriously pursue the CCM.  All current recipients are happy to mentor those seeking assistance as they work through the process.


“I sincerely believe that every Club Manager owes it to himself and his Club to pursue the CCM designation.  It’s not the designation itself but the commitment to attaining that speaks volumes of who you are as an individual.” (D Matte)



“Continuing education along the road to obtaining the CCM designation is a very rewarding endeavour.  The knowledge one receives is valuable, but just as important are the contacts and relationships that develop along the way.” (D Fox)


“The CCM is simply, the professional standard; a measure where you have proven your grasp of all of the club competencies.”  (J Fisher)



“As more and more Canadian clubs come to understand, appreciate and respect the CCM designation, managers who have made the effort to stay current with their education and training through the certification program will be sought out for key Club positions.  This has already been evidenced in recent GM/COO postings.  That was certainly one of the main criteria Muskoka Lakes required when completing their search for a General Manager in 2007.” (T Noonan)

“I felt the CCM designation was one that represents the hard work and devotion required to bettering oneself and to prove that you have the background knowledge and experience required.  The cost and time required to achieve it are definitely a challenge, but with the support of your Club, and the bursaries available, it can be overcome.  I appreciate that it is certainly not an easy feat to obtain and takes many years to achieve.  That makes it even more rewarding.  I truly believe the designation opens more doors in the Club business.” (J Nusink)


"The CCM designation is not only my most valued professional accomplishment, but the process helped supplement my knowledge base of club management, develop valuable contacts through networking and educate my Directors on the competencies that I can provide to my club. Much like the attainment of a post-secondary degree, I felt great pride and a sense of accomplishment when I was conferred the CCM designation." (G Richardson)

“The CCM designation was instrumental in developing professional competencies specific to our industry, while providing a framework of principles that has led to increased consistency in decision making. “ (K Iwamoto)


“Three items of interest have occurred since writing my CCM exam:
                1. The number of Members that have gone out of their way to ask what the CCM stands for and their remarks of congratulations that follow once I outline the process I undertook to achieve the designation.  Members seem genuinely thankful for my efforts to further my education and improve my skill set.
                2. The number of people I met from all over North America that I can now e-mail or call up and ask a question. The smaller classroom settings and the 10 hour days allow you to really get to know people while on campus.  Something that does not happen as easily at conferences.  There was genuine interest shown by all delegates of each other’s challenges, hearing other’s challenges and solutions was a wonderful experience in itself.
                3. I have been pleasantly surprised the amount of times I have found myself using a thought process I have cultivated from one of the BMI sessions!  Whether it be an actual theory or process learned or an idea that I have further refined.” (C Rusnak)


“I achieved my CCM after being a club manager for 15 years, well into my career. I found it stimulating and the courses reminded me of a lot of principles that I had forgotten as well learning many new things that have helped me in the past few years.” (G Lundmark)

“The CCM designation, recognised around the world, has been a highlight of my long business and private club career and re-energized my thought processes.  The achievement of this special designation will expand your career horizons and teach you important knowledge for the benefit of your club and yourself that you might not otherwise learn. Irrespective of age and position, everyone of us is capable of becoming a CCM.”   (B Leyhane)

“The CCM journey is a challenging, exciting and rewarding one. Once I made the decision to pursue designation, everything started to fall into place. The process is not easy, you have to commit time and educational funding, but then again, every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.” (N Rooney)