The Resilience Toolbox - Kevin Rempel

March 22 & 23, 2022 (three hours each day) 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET
6 Education Credits; Competencies = Interpersonal; Leadership Skills
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Presented by: Kevin Rempel, an Olympian and coach for leaders

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Presentation Description

Today, employees are in need of mental health support more than ever in order to be resilient. During times of uncertainty, it is essential to provide the tools, resources, and strategies they need on demand, to provide support and help navigate unprecedent times. Using simple frameworks and easy to implement tactics, employees can take personal responsibility in developing their mental resilience. Recognizing that we now live in a new world, it is essential that every work life is equal to a healthy home life.

Learning Objectives

Module 1 - Create Belief: How to strategically create belief that will shift your mindset internally so you can attack each day with confidence.

  • Three simple writing techniques that will help you find clarity so that you can focus.
  • Assemble resources that will provide quick support so that you have the tools you need to be resilient.
  • Identify leaders that will inspire you to believe in yourself.

Module 2 - Mental Conditioning: How to make resilience tangible and provide you with tools you need to achieve your goals daily.

  • Set goals that will give you direction to help pull you out of bed.
  • Create resources that provide daily inspiration to condition your mind for resilience.
  • Identify patterns to eliminate destructive behavior and put you in control of your decisions.

Module 3 - Self Care: How to manage your energy that fuels your body so you can focus mentally, be effective and avoid fatigue.

  • Tactical steps that will help identify triggers so that you make healthy choices.
  • A simple framework to develop routines that will help you get the rest you need.
  • Scheduling strategies to create space in your calendar so that you prioritize your health.

Kevin Rempel is a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey. After being paralyzed at the age of 23, Kevin not only learned how to walk again, but to overcome the mental battle of both depression and living with a disability to rebuild his life, and eventually reach the Paralympic podium in sledge hockey. Today, Kevin is a full time entrepreneur through keynote speaking, his corporate team building program, The Sledge Hockey Experience, and a coaching program on mental resilience, titled The Resilience Toolbox. Kevin is an expert in change management, mental health, and resilience as he speaks on The Hero Mindset which enables organizations to drive results and embrace change.


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