The CSCM National Board has established a program to provide financial support for those CSCM members wishing to register for BMI or CMI courses as part of their professional development requirements to earn the CCM designation.

Subject to the funding parameters set out below, CSCM members may apply to the Professional Manager Development Fund Committee for a bursary to cover all or part of the cost of registration for the required BMI or CMI course, less applicable taxes.

You can download a fillable application form for the Joe Perdue Bursaries here

All applications must be completed in detail and received by CSCM

no later than midnight ET March 1 and September 1

General Conditions and Eligibility:

• Applicants must be employed by a club in good standing with CSCM.
• Applications must be sent to
• The approved BMI or CMI course must be initiated/completed within 6 months of the award of the bursary. If the BMI or CMI is not taken within this timeframe, the individual must re-apply for approval of the funds.
• Approval for BMI or CMI bursaries will only be available for those courses currently offered.
• CMI bursaries will only be awarded for professional development requirements to earn the CCM designation.
• All award decisions are final.


• Applications must be complete and include all required supporting documentation.
• Weight may apply to members who have not received prior CSCM funding support.
• Where and when possible, a balance between regions of the CSCM shall be considered in the granting of bursaries.
• Weight may apply to applicants from clubs with smaller operating budgets and revenue generation.
• Priority will apply to Active members of CSCM.
• Consideration will apply to involvement and contribution as a CSCM volunteer.

Notification and Payment:

• CSCM will notify all applicants of the PMD Fund Committee decision on the outcomes of the member’s application.
• Payment of the bursary shall be made upon confirmation from CMAA or CSCM of the successful completion of the course indicated in the bursary application.
• T4A tax forms issued annually by CSCM for those recipients who have paid for and are receiving the bursary personally.

The following information must be included in the application submission:

• Cover letter outlining the request and the reasons CSCM should grant you a bursary.
• Letter of support from the Club where you are employed (from the General Manager, President, Executive Committee, owner, etc.).
• Summary of activities, merits, accomplishments relevant to and supportive of the application.