In order to be eligible to petition for the CCM designation, you must first be an Active Member of the Society. CSCM is pleased that all of its current CCM graduates have agreed to be mentors to those pursuing their designation.

If you have questions or would like to chat with one of them about their experience, please see the List of Recipients. CSCM members may use the Member Directory to contact them.

The certification designations may be used provided individuals meet the maintenance requirements and maintain membership in CSCM.

There are three parts to earning the CCM designation:

Requirements to Earn the CCM

The following are the requirements for eligibility to take the CCM exam:

300 credits (broken down as follows):

  • 200 Education credits which must include a minimum of the following:
  • 100 National Education credits
  • 25 Branch Education credits*
  • 50 Association Activity credits
  • 50 Additional credits which may include a mix of the above as well as Other Education credits which are allocated for education programs outside CSCM or CMAA

* Given the limited opportunities for Branch education in most of CSCM’s Branches, CMAA has agreed that any shortfall in Branch Education credits may be made up with an excess of National Education credits.

Six years of membership in the CSCM:

  • Those pursuing the designation may be Associate members but must be an Active member at the time of petitioning to sit the exam.  Students are not eligible to earn credits.
  • CMAA has introduced the ability to substitute professional experience for years of membership as outlined in the following policy:

An application may be made to the Certification Committee to substitute three years of relevant professional experience for one year of CSCM membership in order to meet this requirement. A maximum of nine years of experience for three years of CSCM membership is allowed.  Send your completed application to events@cscm.org

Additional information on what qualifies as relevant professional experience, including eligible job titles, can be found here.