CMI - Amplify Your Club's Communication

Presented by: Vincent Phipps, a communication coach for club professionals

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Sheraton Centre (123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9)
Credits: 6 Education Credits; Core Competency = Interpersonal Skills

Club Management Institute (CMI) courses are required as part of the international certification program to become a Certified Club Manager (CCM). The successful completion of a quiz at the end of a CMI course is required.

Presentation Description

When members and staff leave a club, they are not really leaving the club; instead, they are often leaving a toxic environment or feel as if they are unappreciated. Dealing with defensive people at your club can be inevitable. When you acquire the skill of controlling emotions and mastering the art of establishing rapport, you gain the ability to resolve conflicts at your club with staff, guests, and members. Eighty-two percent of club confrontations are caused by a lack of interpersonal communication skills. Learn the art of how to address club communication challenges with poise and professionalism. This topic addresses the fundamentals of listening, responding, correcting with accountability and reducing club defensiveness.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop and maintain a solution-oriented approach to addressing interpersonal challenges at the club.
  • Improve club listening by 30% to reduce mistakes and learn four ways to confirm understanding.
  • Reduce the emotional defensiveness of staff, guests, and members using six ways to establish rapport.
  • Adapt to the personality style of the key people at your club to improve communication efficiency.
  • Correct problems with clarity and accountability to resolve club issues reducing conflicts.

Course Instructor

Vincent Phipps is a communication coach for club professionals. Vincent’s passion is helping club professionals improve their communication, leadership, presentation, conflict resolution, and customer service skills. Vincent is the Attitude Amplifier due to his high energy, content-rich material, and interactive presentation style. He has facilitated education sessions for the past 23 years, selected to present multiple times at CMAA Conferences, and is a subject matter expert for the CMAA Online University. Vincent’s speaking experience with private clubs, state and mid-management conferences, the Leadership Legislative Conference, and his writing for Back of the House Magazine and the club industry blog, At Your Service, will ensure that this session will be highly relevant, practical, and important for Canadian club professionals.


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    • Advance (until January 24): $575
    • Regular (after January 24): $750
  • Non-Member
    • Regular: $800

 Please note that a seperate fee is required to register for the 2020 National Food & Beverage Management Conference on March 7-10, 2020.