Young Professional Award - New

2017 Recipient 

Tom Schellenberg
General Manager
Deer Ridge Golf Club

Tom has been the General Manager at the Deer Ridge Golf Club since April 2014.  During that time he has established a reputation for strong leadership and providing a fresh and ambitious approach to the management of the Club. 

In the words of his President, "Tom's attention to detail and his razor sharp focus on membership satisfaction has not only pleased our existing members but also has contributed to the acquisiton of new members as well.  Our club now enjoys not only a reputation for an outstanding golf course but a social atmosphere that makes people want to belong and a golf program delivered by  a professional team that Tom has built second to none."

Purpose of the Award

The Young Professional Award is a new award as of 2017 which recognizes a young club management professional who demonstrates notable professional accomplishments to date and shows great future potential.  This award serves to enhance the club management profession by celebrating young professionals and promoting future leaders.

Award Criteria

The Young Professional Award recognizes an individual in the first five years of their club management career who has:
• contributed to the club management industry
• shown leadership within their club and the industry
• demonstrated excellence in customer service practices
• demonstrated commitment to a career in club management
• accomplished outstanding achievements in their applicable  department
• shown leadership in the community.

Candidates for the Young Professional Award must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be nominated:
• Must be 35 years of age or under
• Must be currently employed at a CSCM member affiliated club
• Any CSCM member in good standing may nominate one or more candidate(s) for consideration


A call for nominations is made annually using a nominations form that will be provided at the time.  All nominations are reviewed by the CSCM Awards Committee and a recommendation is then made to the Board of Directors for approval.