With our Vision 2020 strategic plan coming to a close, a Strategic Planning Committee was struck in Spring 2020 to prepare CMAC for the next three years. The ad-hoc Committee included members from various demographic groups, membership categories as well as various senior roles within the club industry. Throughout Summer 2020, we gathered input and crafted a draft framework for the Board to review. In the Fall, we sought additional member input and adjusted the framework before an initial presentation on October 3, 2020 at the Leadership Forum. The Leadership Forum includes both our National Board of Directors, as well as all Branch Presidents. This engaged group of Club professionals provided valuable feedback which was also integrated into the plan.

It was very clear that the Members First mindset from Vision 2020 has not changed. CMAC’s drive to ensure members are included remains paramount; from being united in professional interest to a clear commitment to support each other - whether you are a well-established club manager or a future leader who has only just begun your career, we remain a resource for you.

To support this vision, the Board recently amended CMAC’s mission to better reflect this mindset - To create great leaders through excellence in professional club management. This simple one word change (from ‘clubs’ to ‘leaders’) has solidified our position, ensuring members remain our top priority.