Excellence in Teaching Award

The CSCM Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes excellence in teaching and honours faculty for their teaching accomplishments.


The Award seeks to recognize individuals who demonstrate the following qualities:

Intellectually demanding

  • Is thought-provoking and intellectually demanding
  • Relates course material to other fields, contemporary issues, student experiences

Deeply committed to teaching and students

  • Is enthusiastic about teaching
  • Is conscientious, organized, and well-prepared for class
  • Is concerned about individual students and their development
  • Is readily available to students

Communication with students and relaying of course content

  • Provides clear expectations, relevant assignments, and ample feedback
  • Presents material clearly, asks good questions, and adjusts strategies as necessary to facilitate understanding
  • Engages students and stimulates participation
  • Is open-minded, fair, and respectful of differences among students

Has positive and lasting impact on students

  • Inspires students to excel
  • Promotes critical reading, thinking, and writing
  • Produces more learning than in other courses
  • Affects students’ educational and career goals and achievements

Contribution to CSCM

  • Has been a Member of CSCM for a minimum of two consecutive years
  • Has served as a CSCM volunteer by either participating on a committee, writing an article, facilitated an education session (local or national)


All nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee, which then makes its recommendations to the CSCM Board. Nomination forms, with all supporting documents, must be submitted to national@cscm.org

As part of the evaluation process, the Awards Committee may conduct an interview.