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VGM Group Services (named after its founder, Van G. Miller) began as a group purchasing organization (GPO) in Waterloo, Iowa, servicing the needs of privately owned home healthcare stores, pulling the stores into a group in order to offer higher volume purchasing power than they would have on their own individually.  Later, Mr. Miller’s love for the game of golf motivated the introduction of the VGM Club division, with the same purpose as the medical division – to offer volume purchasing power to clubs that were not already part of a conglomeration or under corporate ownership. VGM Club expanded into Canada as VGM Club Canada in 2003. Today, VGM Club and VGM Club Canada service over 3,500 facilities across North America. These facilities are not limited only to golf clubs, however; VGM provides marketing and purchasing services to clubs specializing in sailing, curling, tennis, dining, social activities, and various other sports and activities. These marketing and purchasing services are also transferrable to hotels, spas, inns, and any facility that provides hospitality to the private or public sector.

Relationship building, networking, industry research, and cooperative marketing are the foundations on which VGM Club Canada is built. The mandate of the organization is to provide clubs with savings, discounts, rebates, and/or special packaged programs from the suppliers that they are already using, while also providing leads and opportunities through new and innovative suppliers that the clubs may not have worked with before.  Purchasers and purchasing departments take note: this approach is what makes VGM unique in the competitive landscape of Canadian GPOs. The intent is not to influence and coerce a club’s management team into working with only those suppliers that VGM does business with, but rather to learn about the club as the unique entity that is, and find out what is best suited to it specifically. From there, recommendations can be made, connections can be forged, and the final purchasing decision lies only in the hands of the club.


Member benefits are what drive VGM’s success. If we are not helping our members to save and succeed, then we are not succeeding either. The main benefits that VGM provides to its members include:

  1. Freedom of Choice – member clubs are encouraged to use VGM-preferred suppliers at their own discretion; the entire club/facility is covered under the VGM Club Canada membership, so each department head can make use of those programs he or she prefers. 
  2. Representative Relationship Safety – it takes many months and/or years to build a relationship with reps from a club’s regular list of suppliers, and VGM Club Canada respects that. No change to a club’s current rep will take place as a result of switching to the VGM pricing/rebate platform.
  3. Quote Requests – VGM is able to provide members with timely quotes from all suppliers to aid and accelerate the purchasing process. 
  4. Hands-on Service – VGM members have access not only to our network of 80+ suppliers and their managers and representatives, but can also call upon the VGM team to answer questions, provide supplier information, customize programs, and advocate on the members’ behalf in all contract and supplier negotiations. A unique feature of VGM Club Canada also includes the ability to request a new supplier program that may not already be in place – do you currently use a supplier that you’d like to see further savings and discounts from, but who isn’t on our list?  Let us know and we can approach that supplier with a partnership proposal. 
  5. Honesty – forget what you know about GPOs, or even about the history of VGM itself, because first and foremost it is VGM Club Canada’s mission to provide honest, open, and completely transparent programming to the entire membership at all times. It is our belief that if we put our members first and consistently strive to assist them and their businesses, the long-term benefits to us as a company will become apparent.

Jason Stewart
Director / Business Development
VGM Club Canada
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