The purpose of the President's Award is to recognize those individuals for their significant achievements through a lifetime of effort and service to their Club(s), the club management profession and the CSCM. 

The call for nominations for the award shall be issued annually but the award shall not necessarily be awarded annually and shall not be limited to one recipient in any given year.


The nominee must:

  • Be an Active, International, Honorary Life or Alumni member in good standing of the CSCM;
  • Have a minimum 15 years of service in the club industry in a management capacity
  • Have offered distinguished service at the CSCM Branch level or on the CSCM National Board of Directors
  • Have demonstrated outstanding professionalism through his or her efforts and/or achievements in the club management profession
  • Have brought recognition to the club management profession in some significant or unique way
  • Have widespread support and respect of their peers in the club management profession 


Nominations may be made either by a CSCM Branch or by the CSCM Board of Directors. There is no limit on the number of nominations made by any one Branch.

Nomination forms, complete with all supporting documentation, must be submitted to

All nominations shall be forwarded to the CSCM Awards Committee for review. The Awards Committee shall then submit a recommendation to the CSCM Board of Directors for approval at least one month in advance of the national conference.

As part of the evaluation process, the Awards Committee may conduct an interview.

Download Sample President's Award Submission


The award includes a personalized commemorative item and letter from the CSCM President to the recipient as well as the recipient's Club Board where appropriate.

Past Recipients

1997 - C. Parkinson, FPCM
1998 - R. Ayoub, FPCM
1999 -  J. Furlong
2000 - R. Brett
2002 - H. Broschek, FPCM
2003 - J. Furlong
2004 - K. Oleschuk, FPCM
2005 - U. Hahn
2006 - J. Novotny
2007 - H. Obermeier
2008 - J. Adams
2009 - G. Smale, FPCM
2010 - G. Pinches, FPCM
2012 - D Matte, CCM
2013 - A. Geddes, FPCM
         - M.E. Sullivan, CCM
2014 - D. Houghton, CCM
2016 - G. Richardson, CCM
2017 - D. Palmer