Honourary Branch Membership

The purpose of the Honourary Branch Membership Award is to recognize a CSCM member who has rendered distinguished service to the association.


The following criteria shall be considered by the Branch for nominations for Honourary Branch Membership. The person:

  • Has been an Active Member, in good standing for a minimum of twenty years, and is retired at the time of the appointment as an Honourary Branch Member
  • Has obtained the designation of either Fellow of Professional Club Management ("FPCM") or Certified Club Manager ("CCM")
  • Has served on the board of directors of a CSCM Branch
  • Has served CSCM Branch or has rendered distinguished service and/or has made outstanding contributions to the club management profession above and beyond those normally expected of a CSCM member or a director of the CSCM or CSCM Branch


The Branch is responsible for determining Honourary Branch membership and is responsible for informing the CSCM National Office.


The award includes complimentary Branch membership for the rest of the member's life. The CSCM Branch making the award shall then be responsible for paying the member's national dues based on the rate for the membership category to which the member would otherwise be assigned.