Club Manager of the Year

Purpose of the Award

The award is provided to the candidate who exemplifies exceptional club management and meets the following award criteria:


Criteria for selection include:

  • Must be an Active Member or an Associate Member in good standing with the Canadian Society of Club Managers
  • Is a senior manager of a successful club
  • Has performed well over an extended period at the Club(s) that the nominee has managed
  • Is well respected by club members, club executives and fellow club managers
  • The nominee has made a personal contribution to the community at large through volunteer work, service clubs, charity or other form
  • Participation and contribution to the development of the club management profession through leadership, involvement and service at the Branch or National levels of CSCM
  • A letter of reference from the nominee’s current or former club president or club owner is also required.


Nomination forms, complete with all supporting documents, must be submitted to by

June 20, 2018. Nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee, which then makes its recommendations to the CSCM Board.

As part of the evaluation process, the Awards Committee may conduct an interview.

2017 Recipient

Graham Davis, CCM
General Manager
Manitoba Club
Winnipeg, MB

The 2017 recipient of the Club Manager of the Year Award, Graham Davis, CCM, truly exemplifies the qualities of an excellent club manager. 

In his current role as General Manager of the Manitoba Club for the past six years, Graham successfully led the Club through a major renovation of the clubhouse and has had a notable impact on the service standards and culture of the Club. Under his leadership, the Manitoba Club has strengthened its membership base and financial position. He is recognized by the club members, staff, and peers for his professionalism, integrity and talent. In addition, the Manitoba Club has attained a constant high level of quality service and the members have come to expect perfection as being the normal standard. There are many reasons this has happened but a major one is Graham’s ability to focus himself, his Board and his staff on the big picture while not losing sight of the many operating details that require attention every day.

To further enhance his career, Graham has been an active member of the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) since 2006 and is currently located in the CSCM Manitoba Branch. As a CSCM member, Graham has dedicated time to chair and organize several major CSCM events such as the City Club Summit, the National Food & Beverage Conference, and the National Conference. In addition to these numerous contributions to the CSCM, Graham has also served as President of the Manitoba Branch, and as a member of the Editorial Advisory, the National Professional Development and the Certification (currently) Committees. CSCM has benefited immensely from Graham’s passion for education and his commitment to the club management profession and CSCM. This was further evident when he earned the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation in 2013, which involved the completion of BMI Leadership Principles and BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer.

Graham epitomizes excellence within the club management profession and is a tremendous ambassador for the CSCM. His strength of character and his leadership qualities are recognized throughout the industry. All of these qualities made him an outstanding choice for the 2017 Club Manager of the Year Award.

Congratulations Graham!