Club of the Year Award

The Club of the Year Award is presented to a CSCM affiliated club that has shown significant innovation, leadership and social responsibility in club management profession.

One winner is selected from each of the following three club categories determined by total annual revenues:

  • Small size club (total revenues under $2mil)
  • Medium size club (total revenues $2 - 5mil)
  • Large size club (total revenues over $5mil) 


Candidates for this award must employ a General Manager/CEO/COO that is an Active, International or Honorary Life member in good standing with the CSCM and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Community Involvement: Have made a difference in its community by its involvement in a cause or project
  • Environmental Stewardship: Have developed a procedure or an idea that had a measurable impact on the environment 
  • Hosting an Exceptional Event: Have hosted or will be hosting a national or an international event (i.e. the Canadian Open, the International Federation of Disabled Sailing World Championships, World Junior Curling Championship, CIBC National Cricket League, Canadian Masters Badminton Championships, etc.)
  • Leadership Development: Has been instrumental in developing professional leaders within their staff 
  • Contribution to the CSCM: Have hosted a CSCM event (i.e. club tour, golf tournament, president’s dinner, etc.) at its facility
  • Has achieved exceptional success in at least one of the following club management core competencies:
Accounting and Financial Management External and Governmental Influences
Club Governance Human & Professional Resources
Facilities Management Leadership
Food & Beverage Management Membership & Marketing
Golf, Sports & Recreation Management Interpersonal Skills


To nominate the club, the GM/CEO/COO must submit an essay highlighting the event, idea or exceptional achievement of the club during the past three years. The submission must be accompanied by a letter from the club’s President supporting the nomination and may include information from stakeholders (i.e.. Provincial or national sports associations, community leagues, charitable organizations, government officials, etc.) that would be beneficial in the selection process. The nomination form and supporting documentation is to be sent to

As part of the evaluation process, the Awards Committee may conduct an interview.

Download Sample Club of the Year Submission (PDF)

Download Club of the Year Nomination Form

The Award will be presented at the annual National Conference. The Club President will be invited to the awards ceremony along with the Club’s General Manager.

The winning club will be featured in the Club Manager Quarterly as a major educational feature (why they received the award and what others can learn from them).