Vision 2020

CSCM undertook an extensive consultation process as the first phase in 2014 in developing our strategic direction for the next three to five years.  The process included:

  • A comprehensive member survey in December 2014;
  • Focus groups held locally with CSCM members in each CSCM branch; and
  • Interviews with a number of stakeholder groups which included CSCM Corporate Partners, Allied Associations and academic programs.

The information gathered provided excellent background information for the CSCM Board and Branch Presidents to develop our current strategic plan at the 2015 annual Leadership Forum.  The outcome of those discussions culminated in Vision 2020, providing CSCM with a clear focus for the next horizon and continuing to support our members through leadership in professional club management.

Four strategic directions or leadership priorities frame the plan:

  • Members First
  • Enhancing Value for Membership
  • Extending Our Reach and Impact
  • Supporting Strength and Sustainability


Members First

It starts with you! A commitment to growing membership, appreciating diversity in what members value and need, providing networksing opportunities and recognizing the significant contributions that members make to the  Society and the club management profession are a leadership priority.

Enhancing Value for Membership

A commitment to ensuring that members and their clubs see a direct return on their investment in membership in CSCM, a commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of CSCM programming and resources for members.

Extending Our Reach and Impact

A commitment to ensuring that CSCM is both recognized and respected as THE organization providing leadership in professional club management.

Supporting Organizational Strength and Sustainability

Development of a fresh, contemporary and impactful brand identity was immediately implemented as part of the commitment toinnovation and efficiency in CSCM's operations, along with strong and effective governance at the national and branch levels.

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These four leadership priorities then formed the basis for the CSCM National Board's Ends Policies or strategic goals which provide the map for the coming years.

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