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Overview of the Different Membership Categories

The CSCM has nine distinct categories of membership. While most of our members fall under the Active or Associate categories, there are also memberships available for Retired professionals, Students, Faculty, and International members. For more information on the qualifications for each category, please refer to the following:


The Membership year of The Canadian Society of Club Managers is from January 1st to December 31st.


Dues for membership are paid annually and are comprised of two components, the National Dues and the Branch Dues.  The National Dues are payable in advance but not later than the 31st day of January in each year. The Branch Dues are fixed by each Branch each year, and are payable in advance but not later than the 31st day of January in each year.  For information on the current Membership Dues, please refer to the CSCM Member Dues Chart.  

If joining after June 30th of the membership year, the dues for new members are pro-rated by 50%.

Membership belongs to the individual and is non-transferable. Should the member change employment, the membership remains with that individual regardless of who has paid for it.


Any member who is in arrears for National Dues, Branch Dues, or Assessment Dues for a period of one month after due date, will be notified that they are not in good standing by the Secretary/Treasurer. If arrears have not been paid by the 1st day of March in each year and without a written explanation satisfactory to the Board of Directors, such Members shall be notified that they are no longer Members of the Society.